Printed Circuit Board

If you would like to have a professionally manufactured printed circuit board for the opentherm gateway, there are three options:
  1. Buy a circuit board or even a fully assembled unit from a webshop.
  2. Buy one from another user who has some boards left over from a batch they ordered.
  3. Have your own batch made to order

Buy a circuit board at a webshop

Nodo-Shop offers an SMD version of the OTGW, featuring an external power supply, and a choice of a wifi or USB interface.
Kiwi electronics sells printed circuit boards, kits, and fully assembled gateways.
VDR Elektronica also offers the OpenTherm Gateway PCB on their web site.

Note: I have no relationship with these webshops and get absolutely no benefits from the PCB's or gateways they sell. So, in case of problems with any item bought at a webshop, you will need to get in contact with their customer service.

Buy a circuit board from another user

The following users have indicated they have some left-over boards they are willing to sell:

User Country Boards Remarks
Lars NL 10 Rev. B (2012) version, 5EUR/pc. PIC and USB cable also available
Erik NL 5 Rev. B (2012) version, 5EUR/pc.

Let me know if you have some left-over boards from a batch and want to be listed here for other people to get in touch with you.

Order a batch of circuit boards

You can order a batch of ten circuit boards for around $33 (including shipping) from or Both charge $24.90 for the boards, but shipping costs are a little bit lower at seeed ($7.80 versus $8.98). However, itead will do a 100% E-test at no extra charge, while seeed by default only does a 50% E-test and charges $10 extra for a full 100% E-test.


  • Download the opentherm gateway gerber files
  • Go to Services at and order the Fusion PCB Service.
  • Click on the Browse... button and select the file you just downloaded.
  • Select PCB Dimensions of: 10cm Max*10cm Max ( +$15.00 ) and add it to your shopping cart.
  • Complete the ordering process.


  • Go to OPEN PCB->PCB prototyping at ITead Studio
  • Choose whether you want "2Layer Green PCB 10cm x 10cm Max" or "2Layer Color PCB 10cm x 10cm Max" and click on "Add to cart"
  • Select the desired options and click "Add to cart"
  • Complete the ordering process
  • You will receive an order confirmation mail with a unique order number
  • Download the opentherm gateway gerber files and save them using a filename consisting of the order number, dimension ,color, thickness, surface finish and quantity. For example: O100003734 10by10 Green 1.6mm HASL
  • Send the zip file as an attachment to, mentioning the order number in the subject of the mail.

Here is a graphical representation of the gerber files for the circuit board.