Printed Circuit Board

If you would like to have a professionally manufactured printed circuit board for the opentherm gateway, there are three options:
  1. Buy a circuit board or even a fully assembled unit from a webshop.
  2. Buy one from another user who has some boards left over from a batch they ordered.
  3. Have your own batch made to order

Buy a circuit board online

Nodo-Shop offers an SMD version of the OTGW, featuring an external 5V power supply, USB interface, and a choice of LAN, WiFi, or RS232 add-ons.
VDR Elektronica also offers the OpenTherm Gateway PCB on their web site.

Note: I have no relationship with these sellers and get absolutely no benefits from the PCB's or gateways they sell. So, in case of problems with any item bought online, you will need to get in contact with their customer service.

Buy a circuit board from another user

Currently there are no users that have indicated they have left-over boards.

Order a batch of circuit boards

While the circuit I designed over a decade ago works fine, I would make different choices if I had to do it again, considering various components that are much more easily available today. For this reason I advise against using my old design for having your own circuit boards built and I no longer provide a download link to the gerber files.

The boards offered by the Nodo shop have evolved to take advantage of modern things like a boost converter for a much more convenient power supply, a USB interface, and the option to add different interface adapters, for example for connecting over WiFi. Their latest board revision (V2.8) also provides the option to add an RS232 adapter board. So even people who used to prefer my design for that reason can now use the Nodo shop board.