Submit equipment information

If your boiler or thermostat is not yet listed in the equipment matrix, or it only contains information on a limited number of message ID's, you can help improve the available data by uploading a log file from otmonitor.

Capability log

The preferred way to create a log file is to use the "Capability log ..." option from the "File" menu, available in OTmonitor 6.2 and later. This function first collects a sufficient amount of messages. Subsequently, it requests additional Data IDs from the boiler that the thermostat omitted. This will provide a more complete picture of the boiler capabilities than just relying on the IDs the thermostat happens to request.

The function also takes care that the collected log contains useful data. If an external process (like Domitcz) issues PS=1 commands, a PS=0 command is automatically executed to resume the normal output. If the OTGW is running in monitor mode, it is temporarily switched to gateway mode to be able to collect the additional data. If necessary, it may also temporarily appoint a Data ID as "unknown". When the function ends, these changes are reverted. But this may not happen if OTmonitor is terminated while log collection is in progress.

The capability log screen provides fields to enter equipment details and an email address. If at least a boiler make and model is specified, the file is automatically uploaded once collection completes. Unless the log was made with the OTGW in stand-alone mode, please specify both the boiler and thermostat make and model, or neither. The optional email address, if provided, is only used in case of questions about the uploaded log file.

If you want to review the collected information before it is uploaded, leave all fields empty. The log file will then be created, but not uploaded. The location of the log file is reported when collection has completed. The log file is created in gzip format. To be able to view it, you may need to use a tool like gzcat or 7-zip (7z). After checking the collected information, you can manually upload it using the form below.

Collecting the log can take quite some time. Half an hour to an hour is not uncommon. During this time, the entered information can still be corrected, amended, and removed. The dialog may be closed while log collection is in progress. The dialog can be opened again later to view the status or result of the log collection.

Standard log file

You may also use the form below to upload a regular log file that was collected with OTmonitor via Options → Logging. For faster upload, you may compress (zip, gzip, bzip2) the log file. Files bigger than 1 Mb will not be accepted. To reduce the size, you can switch off the "Include details of bit fields" option.

Equipment details

Whether you use the automatic upload functionality, or upload a log file manually using the form below, please specify the thermostat and boiler name in as much useful detail as possible. So specify both the manufacturer and model, but not any additional suffixes that differentiate between features that don't affect the opentherm communication. For example: The difference between a Remeha Avanta 28c and Remeha Avanta 35c is just how much warm water they can produce per minute. So for the opentherm point of view only the Remeha Avanta part is interesting. If your boiler or thermostat is already listed in the equipment matrix, you are encouraged to select the name from the pull-down menus. This will avoid duplicates due to slight spelling differences.

Privacy considerations

When a log file is uploaded, it is immediately processed automatically. The resulting statistics are stored in a database, which is used to generate the equipment details web page. This web page makes the following information publicly available:
  • Date and time the log file was uploaded.
  • The boiler and thermostat make and model.
  • A list of message IDs sent by the thermostat, including their type and frequency.
  • The level of support for each message ID sent to the boiler.
  • A sample value for each message ID.
The full log file or any information about its source (such as email address or IP address) are never disclosed.

Upload form

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