Submit equipment information

If your boiler or thermostat is not yet listed in the equipment matrix, or it only contains information on a limited number of message ID's, you can help improve the available data by uploading a log file from otmonitor.

To create a log file, go to Options → Logging. Select the "Logfile" option and make sure a valid Directory and Name pattern are specified. Preferably switch off the "Include details of bit fields" option. That option will only increase the size of the log without providing any additional information. Now leave the system running for a while and then collect the log file from the specified directory.

The most informative files contain about an hour of logging of actual messages (a log of PS=1 reports is unusable for this purpose) and preferably start with a power-up of the opentherm gateway/thermostat (some thermostats request certain information only once, at startup). For faster upload, you may compress (zip, gzip, bzip2) the log file. Files bigger than 1 Mb will not be accepted.

Please specify the thermostat and boiler name in as much useful detail as possible. So specify both the manufacturer and model, but not any additional suffixes that differentiate between features that don't affect the opentherm communication. For example: The difference between a Remeha Avanta 28c and Remeha Avanta 35c is just how much warm water they can produce per minute. So for the opentherm point of view only the Remeha Avanta part is interesting.

If your boiler or thermostat is already listed in the equipment matrix, you can select the name from the pull-down menus below. This will avoid duplicates due to slight spelling differences.

If at all possible please also provide an email address where you can be contacted in case some clarification on the provided information would be useful. The provided email address will not be used for any other purpose and will definitely not be published in any shape or form.

Boiler make and model:
Thermostat make and model:
OTMonitor log file:
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